Air Conditioning Repair in Carmel, NY

Your car’s air conditioning (AC) system is essential for maintaining a suitable interior temperature in the cabin. However, the system can wear down over time as a result of aging parts, frequent usage, misuse, or even an accident. If you’ve noticed difficulties getting to the right temperature, getting certain functions to work, or other issues, it’s wise to have your car’s AC inspected.

Take a look through this guide to automotive AC repair. From leak checks and freon refills to condenser coil replacements, Meadowland of Carmel is your one-stop shop for all your automotive needs in Carmel, New York.

Signs Your Car Needs AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair Carmel, NY

Your car’s AC and cabin heater system is a crucial component and probably one you use most of the time you’re driving. Inevitably, parts will age and deteriorate with use, and sometimes other causes might lead you to need maintenance or repairs. The key is to watch for signs of a problem, such as:

  • The AC or heater takes longer to cool down or warm up the cabin.
  • The AC is louder while running or makes unusual noises.
  • The refrigerant is leaking under the hood or on the dashboard.
  • There’s a burning smell from the vents or near the AC parts.

Aside from ensuring you and your passengers are comfortable, the AC controls humidity and filters the air. When issues arise, the air is more likely to be contaminated with dust and other contaminants. Feel free to check out the Meadowland of Carmel automotive service center, where you can get freon refills, AC repair, and other auto services in Carmel, New York.

How To Protect Your Car’s AC System

Because the AC system has so many distinct components, you should go to professionals who’ll fix it correctly the first time rather than spending money and time attempting a DIY repair job. Here are a few maintenance suggestions to keep your AC operating at peak efficiency and lengthen the time before your next AC repair.

Run Defrosting Weekly

Every week, it’s helpful to run your AC in defrost mode for 10 minutes at the coldest temperature and with the highest fan speed. This keeps your compressor functioning properly, maintains gas pressure, removes excess moisture, and prevents mildew growth.

Replace Air Filter

Airflow will be impeded by a dirty cabin air filter, putting strain on the rest of the system. Be sure to inspect your filter and replace it when required regularly; all easily done at our Mopar express service lanes.

Avoid Unnecessary Usage

There are a lot of cases where you may be able to put less stress on your car’s AC system. For example, on a hot day, people usually run the AC at full force as soon as they get inside their car to begin cooling it down. Instead, simply open the back windows and turn the fan to high at a normal temperature. With the hot air having blown out in about 20 seconds, you can close the windows and run the AC to cool the cabin more effectively.

Use Medium Fan Strength

Sure, blowing the AC at full strength feels great on a hot day outside, but the quick-moving air doesn’t have as much time to be chilled by the coils. AC systems work by condensing warm moisture out of the air. When you just need to cool down, it’s best to keep the fan speed at a medium level.

Keep Everything Clean

The AC system in your car can suffer from dirt and bacteria. By routinely cleaning, dusting, and vacuuming the vents, you can keep dirt and debris at bay. As an alternative, you can have these services done by our team as part of a general AC and heating system checkup.

Have It Serviced Regularly

The best way to keep the AC in your car running effectively is through routine maintenance at your car dealership. An expert in car AC repair can promptly spot leaks or system damage and recommend the best course of action to keep it operating properly. Your vehicle’s AC system can be checked as part of an annual service checkup, which generally only takes one or two hours.

You’ll be glad you kept your vehicle’s AC and heating functions working at their best. Book a service appointment online and have peace of mind from knowing your AC system will be back to like-new condition soon.

Benefits of Maintaining Your Car’s AC System

AC is necessary to drive in comfort and avoid unnecessary heat exposure. It’s also important to have the air running at least a little every so often to filter the cabin for any contaminants. Apart from enjoying a comfortable cabin and clean air, consider these benefits of maintaining the AC system in your car.

  • Keeping your car’s cabin safe and pleasant all year round. You won’t have to worry about limited cooling and heating during the hottest and coldest months of the year.
  • Avoiding extra servicing or repairs. Keep your overall car ownership costs to a minimum by getting maintenance at recommended times.
  • Improving fuel economy by not taxing the engine too much. A car’s AC can take up to 20% of an engine’s active energy production. The longer it has to run before reaching the desired temperature, the more fuel you burn.
  • Maintaining your car’s resale value. The AC is, understandably, an important part of a vehicle for most car buyers. Keep your car in top condition to earn the highest price when you sell it.

If you think the AC in your automobile needs repair, don’t hesitate. Please take it to a trained specialist so you have a clear diagnosis and solution for any potential issues. After determining the root cause of the AC issue in your car, our team will go over your options for automotive AC repair, if necessary. Our knowledgeable technicians will fix every component of the AC system. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help, and don’t miss a chance to use one of our service coupons.

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