5 Auto Service Benefits

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Aside from your home, your car is often the most important investment you will make. Not only is it one of the more expensive items you may own, but you probably also depend on it for your and your family’s livelihood. Therefore, it’s important to keep your car in good working order.

While every vehicle requires the occasional pricey repair, keeping up with maintenance can make a world of difference in the day-to-day performance of your car and how much money needs to be spent on its condition. Although this is important, regular maintenance and servicing can also improve your and your passengers’ safety and even increase your vehicle’s value and lifespan. Here in New York State, annual inspections are compulsory. Let’s look more in-depth at the many important reasons to keep up with your car’s regular service and maintenance.

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It Improves Safety

One of the biggest reasons for ensuring your vehicle is always in good shape is that a well-maintained car is significantly safer to drive than an infrequently serviced car. According to the American Safety Council, when you maintain the condition of your brakes, windshield, lights, tires, mirrors, oil, and other basic elements, you reduce the chances of ending up in an emergency that could have been avoided.

Giving the proper attention to preventive maintenance ensures that you’ll have plenty of visibility and control during your drives, as seemingly small issues such as a cracked windshield or squeaky brakes can potentially cause injury or even death in the case of an unexpected event. After all, you want your vehicle to behave as expected, even in unpredictable circumstances that are out of your control.

It Reduces Expensive Repairs

In addition to keeping your passengers safe, regular maintenance can reduce the likelihood that you will need to make costly repairs. Though servicing your car regularly may feel like an unnecessary expense, it can be even worse to find yourself paying for an expensive repair due to a deterioration in its condition, especially if it’s a used vehicle or its factory warranty has expired.

Plus, if your car breaks down, obtaining a replacement vehicle can cost even more while you wait for the repairs to be completed. Therefore, maintain your car’s oil, brakes, and battery in good working order since it’s well worth the investment upfront.

It Increases the Value

One benefit of vehicle upkeep that’s often overlooked is that a well-maintained vehicle has a greater value than one in poorer condition, particularly if you’re planning on reselling or trading in your car in the future. Dealerships or general buyers don’t just consider the make and model of your car when valuing their potential purchase; the condition is also a major factor.

In addition to general wear and tear, major repairs in your car’s past can significantly reduce its overall value. So, regular maintenance can help prevent unnecessary repairs and significantly enhance the value of your car in case you decide to resell it. If you’re located in Carmel, New York, or the surrounding areas, feel free to review the value of your car for a trade-in offer via our online tool to get an idea of what your car is worth in its current condition.

It Enhances Daily Performance

Even if you don’t plan on reselling your car in the near future, regular service and maintenance can improve its daily performance and enhance your safety on the road. After all, the benefits of maintenance and upkeep aren’t meant exclusively to increase your car’s value for resale. You’ll experience the immediate effects of maintaining its condition in your daily driving routine.

Keeping up with your vehicle’s servicing can increase your car’s safety, affordability, and reliability. For example, ensuring that your car is in good shape improves fuel efficiency. Clean oil increases the reliability of your car’s engine. Additionally, you’ll spend less on fuel and avoid lower gas mileage by timeously sorting out any leaks.

Another basic form of maintenance is ensuring that your car’s tires remain in good condition by rotating them regularly. Not only does this improve the safety of your vehicle by giving you better steering control, but it also prevents your tires from wearing out unevenly and requiring costly replacements. Regular maintenance can provide you with a reliable daily driving experience that you wouldn’t get with a car in poor condition.

It Extends the Lifespan of Your Car

Regular maintenance can ensure that your vehicle performs optimally for years to come. Keeping your car in good condition can save you hefty expenses in the long run by avoiding the need to purchase a new car when your current one deteriorates. Plus, a well-maintained older car often has much greater resale value than a poorly maintained newer car.

Therefore, whether you intend to be the sole driver of your car or whether you plan to resell it or trade it in, your vehicle’s lifespan can be extended by servicing it regularly, making it an excellent long-term investment.

Service Your Vehicle at Meadowland of Carmel

It may seem overwhelming to keep track of the various aspects of the regular maintenance a vehicle requires. That’s why Meadowland of Carmel is here to help with all your servicing needs. Not only do we offer a great selection of new and pre-owned vehicles to buyers in the Carmel, New York, area and beyond, but we also have a convenient service department where you can book affordable, high-quality services for your vehicle, including oil changes, battery replacements, brake works, tire rotations, and any other scheduled maintenance. We also offer state inspections.

In addition, to express servicing, our service department is open Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Contact us today at 845-842-7355 for more information on how to ensure your drive is at its best.

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