2023 Dodge Durango Fuel Efficiency

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The Dodge Durango has long been a favorite SUV among drivers who appreciate its potent power, versatility, and comfort blend. With the 2023 model offering a diverse lineup of trims and engine options, it’s essential to understand how far each variant can travel on a single gas tank.

In this comprehensive guide, we dive into the fuel efficiency and range of each 2023 Dodge Durango trim. By understanding these factors, you can decide which trim best aligns with your driving needs and lifestyle.

Dodge Durango Road Trip MPG

2023 Dodge Durango Fuel Efficiency and Range

The 2023 Dodge Durango has a 24.6-gallon fuel tank. However, the fuel economy of the Durango largely depends on its engine type. There are four engine options: 3.6L V-6 (SXT, GT, Citadel), 5.7L V-8 (R/T & R/T Hemi Orange), 6.4L V-8 (SRT 392), and a supercharged 6.2L V-8 (SRT Hellcat). Each engine has its own fuel efficiency and range.

3.6 L V-6 Engine (SXT, GT, Citadel Trims)

  • Fuel economy — 19 mpg city, 26 mpg highway, 22 mpg combined.
  • City driving — theoretical maximum of 467.4 miles.
  • Highway driving — theoretical maximum of 639.6 miles.

5.7 L V-8 Engine (R/T & R/T Hemi Orange Trims)

  • Fuel economy — 14 mpg city, 22 mpg highway, 17 mpg combined.
  • City driving — theoretical maximum of 344.4 miles.
  • Highway driving — theoretical maximum of 541.2 miles.

6.4 L V-8 Engine (SRT 392)

  • Fuel economy — 13 mpg city, 19 mpg highway, 15 mpg combined.
  • City driving — theoretical maximum of 319.8 miles.
  • Highway driving — theoretical maximum of 467.4 miles.

6.2 L V-8 Engine (SRT Hellcat)

  • Fuel economy — 12 mpg city, 17 mpg highway, 14 mpg combined.
  • City driving — theoretical maximum of 295.2 miles.
  • Highway driving — theoretical maximum of 418.2 miles.

Understanding Theoretical Ranges: EPA Fuel Ratings vs. Real-World Conditions

It’s important to note that the theoretical ranges provided for the 2023 Dodge Durango trims are approximations based on the EPA fuel ratings. These estimates are derived from standardized testing procedures that simulate typical driving conditions. However, real-world performance can vary significantly due to driving style, traffic conditions, weather, terrain, and vehicle maintenance.

Overall, these theoretical ranges serve as a helpful starting point for understanding the potential capabilities of each trim but should not be taken as guaranteed numbers in every situation. Practicing efficient driving habits and keeping up with regular maintenance is essential to optimizing your Durango’s fuel consumption.

Dodge Durango Trims: A Quick Overview

To better understand each trim’s unique features and offerings, let’s take a closer look at the 2023 Dodge Durango trims.


The SXT is the base model of the Durango lineup, featuring a 3.6L V-6 engine that balances power and fuel efficiency. This trim includes key standard features such as:

  • 18-inch Tech Silver aluminum wheels.
  • Uconnect 4 with an 8.4-inch touch screen.
  • Apple CarPlay support and Android Auto compatibility.
  • Bright roof side rails.

With an affordable starting price of $39,050, the SXT offers excellent value for those looking for a well-rounded SUV.


The GT trim adds some sporty elements to the Durango while maintaining the 3.6L V-6 engine. Key features of this trim include:

  • 20-inch fine silver aluminum wheels.
  • Dual exhaust system.
  • Blind-spot monitoring system.
  • Power liftgate.
  • Remote vehicle start system.
  • Security alarm.

Starting at $41,550, the GT is perfect for drivers who want sportier styling without compromising fuel efficiency.


The Citadel is tailored for those seeking luxury in their SUV experience while still having the option to upgrade to a more powerful 5.7L HEMI V-8 engine. Some standout features are:

  • Nappa leather-trimmed seating with perforated inserts.
  • Ventilated front seats in the first row with memory settings.
  • Second-row captain’s chairs for added comfort.
  • Advanced safety features, such as adaptive cruise control and forward collision warning.
  • Power sunroof for added ambiance.

With a starting price of $53,050, this trim offers an upscale experience for drivers who appreciate premium features.


The R/T trim is designed for performance enthusiasts, boasting a standard 5.7L HEMI V-8 engine and best-in-class towing capacity. Notable features include:

  • Performance steering and sport suspension for improved handling.
  • Heated steering wheel, as well as heated first and second-row seats.
  • Blind-spot monitoring system for added safety.
  • Three-row seating to accommodate families or larger groups.

Priced at $52,150, the R/T is an excellent choice for those seeking power and performance in their SUV.

SRT 392

The SRT 392 takes performance to a new level with a powerful 6.4L HEMI SRT V-8 engine that offers impressive acceleration. Key features of this trim include:

  • Brembo six-piston high-performance brakes for enhanced stopping power.
  • Active damping high-performance suspension for better handling and control.
  • SRT Performance Pages and SRT Drive Modes to customize your driving experience.
  • Electronic T-shifter and steering wheel paddle shifters for sporty driving dynamics.

Starting at $70,850, the SRT 392 is perfect for drivers seeking the ultimate performance SUV.

SRT Hellcat

The top-of-the-line SRT Hellcat trim boasts a supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT V-8 engine that delivers a mind-blowing 710 horsepower and sprints from zero to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. This trim’s standout features include the following:

  • Aggressive exterior styling with unique badging and design elements.
  • High-performance Brembo brakes and active damping suspension.
  • SRT Performance Pages and Drive Modes to fine-tune your driving experience.

With a starting price of $91,740, the Hellcat is for those who crave unmatched power in their SUV.

Making the Right Choice for Your 2023 Dodge Durango

When it comes to selecting the perfect 2023 Dodge Durango trim, understanding each model’s fuel efficiency and range is crucial. By considering these factors alongside other features and performance capabilities, you can confidently choose a trim that aligns with your driving preferences and lifestyle needs.

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