What are tire rotations good for?

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With the onset of summer in New York, you can’t wait to travel to all the destinations on your season’s to-do list with your friends and family. You may have achieved your summer body goals, and you can’t wait to flaunt your abs, curves, or fit body, but what about your other travel companion, your vehicle? Your tires are a vital part of your vehicle that requires checking and maintenance. You don’t want to experience any mishaps while driving around the city or any inconveniences to your summer plans.

Scheduling your vehicle for tire rotation and maintenance with your dealership will ensure that your tires last longer and achieve optimal vehicle performance and road safety. Our experts at Meadowland of Carmel, New York, explain tire rotation activities from tire balancing to tire alignment, why they are essential, and signs to detect them.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotation refers to switching your tires from one position to another in distinct patterns to wear more evenly and extend their tread life. Auto technicians take out each wheel and place it in a different spot on the vehicle. For example, they can take out your front left wheel and place it in the rear right position. Front tires may wear out faster than rear tires since they absorb additional friction when turning your wheels.

How Often Should You Schedule Tire Rotation?

Experts recommend a tire rotation every six months after driving 6,000 to 8,000 miles or whenever you get an oil change. However, tire rotation frequency also depends on whether your vehicle is front, rear, or all-wheel. You can also assess your tires’ treads for uneven wear to predict your next tire rotation. As always, refer to your vehicle manufacturer’s manual for the rotation frequency of your tires.

Tire Alignment

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Tire alignment involves a mechanical adjustment of your vehicle’s suspension to influence the direction and angle of the tires’ contact with the road surface. Tire alignment improves vehicle handling and keeps your vehicle from pulling in one direction or vibrating strangely on the road. The manufacturer sets every vehicle’s optimum tire alignment, so your car’s settings must align with what the manufacturer’s manual states.

How Often Should You Schedule Tire Alignment?

There is no specific time frame for your tires to get an alignment. However, tire manufacturers recommend that you shouldn’t exceed three years without a tire alignment. Various factors can contribute to tire misalignment, including driving on Carmel’s bumpy or rough terrains. So, to ensure you avoid any misalignment, you can schedule an alignment inspection every time you go for your routine vehicle servicing.

Indicators of Tire Misalignment

The following are signs of tire misalignment:

  • Drifting or pulling the car to one side of the road. When driving on a straight or flat surface, you shouldn’t have to steer in the opposite direction to keep the car straight. If your car pulls to one side, either left or right, it may indicate that your tires are misaligned.
  • Off-center steering wheel. Your steering wheel should always be centered, even after taking sharp turns or parking at tight spots. However, if you notice that the steering wheel doesn’t return to its normal centered position afterward, it may be time to schedule a tire alignment.
  • Uneven tire wear. If you notice that the inner and outer edges are wearing out faster than the rest of the tread, it can be due to misalignment. This uneven wear indicates your tires are leaning too much to one side, causing the outer and inner edges to wear unevenly.
  • Vibrating steering wheel. If you detect a vibrating steering wheel while driving, it may be due to sudden disruptions to your vehicle’s suspension, such as hitting a pothole or a raised surface like a curb. Whatever the cause may be, visiting your dealership for routine assessment is recommended since these vibrations can also signify a more significant and more serious issue.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing involves inspecting your vehicle’s weight distribution on your tires and wheel parts. This procedure eliminates uneven points on your tires to ensure that you have smooth and comfortable rides. Auto technicians perform tire balancing through a match mounting process which involves matching the high and low areas in your rims with the tires.

When Should You Take Your Vehicle for Tire Balancing?

Tire balancing is not a routine service. Therefore, you should schedule a tire balancing appointment when you notice certain things while driving, such as seat vibrations. Also, you may require tire balancing if you notice that your steering wheel, floorboard, and seat shake or vibrate while you drive especially fast. Uneven tire wear across your tire tread can also signify that your vehicle requires tire balancing.

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Tire Maintenance

Neglecting tire maintenance risks your road safety and other road users. Here are the issues that you may experience as a result of neglecting each tire maintenance activity:

  • Tire tread wear: Your vehicle tire tread may wear unevenly, thus creating a rough and potentially unstable driving surface. Premature tire tread wear may cause heat buildup and an increased risk of punctures and blowouts.
  • Tire misalignment: Tire misalignment affects steering, suspension, and safety. Neglecting your tire alignment routine can pose a collision risk if you find yourself in an emergency, such as making a sharp turn to avoid an oncoming vehicle.
  • Tire imbalance: Unbalanced tires can wobble or bounce up and down, which causes vibration when driving. It may cause vehicle instability, eventually damaging your tires, suspension system, and steering system. Any of these issues can be costly to repair.

Schedule Your Tire Rotation and Maintenance at Meadowland of Carmel, New York

If you detect either of the mentioned signs above while driving around Carmel, it may indicate that you need to schedule tire rotation, balancing, or alignment at your dealership. You may also schedule routine checks and servicing to avoid other problems.

Are you looking for an auto dealership to service your vehicle around Carmel? Then look no further. Contact or Visit Meadowland of Carmel, New York, to have your vehicle issues fixed by our certified auto technicians in our well-equipped service center. You may also schedule a service appointment with us. Road and vehicle safety is our utmost priority for our clients.

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