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When buying a vehicle, there are several factors you need to consider, such as how to secure financing, which car to choose, and in the case of pre-owned cars, ensuring it has a decent history. Not all pre-owned cars are as good a deal as they seem. Whether selling privately or when working with a dealership in Carmel, New York, asking for a CARFAX report is a smart move.

CARFAX is the most trusted organization for vehicle history reports, providing essential information about a car before you decide to buy it. Here’s everything you need to know about getting a CARFAX report and how it can assist you in the search for your next car.

What Are CARFAX Reports?

A CARFAX report typically contains all the information about a car available to the general public, like the history of prior owners, maintenance records, accidents, and a wide range of other events that affect its value and functionality. CARFAX combines data from any reports involving the vehicle identification number (VIN). Because any used car has at least one previous owner, CARFAX likely has information related to the VIN. All you have to do is check the dealership’s inventory or look up the VIN or license plates on their website.

It’s commonly said that a car has a “clean CARFAX” when the report shows it has no significant issues and is in good condition for its age. You can rest assured that any used or certified pre-owned vehicle at Meadowland of Carmel is a high-quality, worthwhile purchase. Just check any available vehicle report and see for yourself.

How Does CARFAX Get Its Information?

A large part of CARFAX’s reputation comes from its wide range of trustworthy sources. To create a complete history for each pre-owned vehicle on the market, the organization consults more than 100,000 sources. This data comes from a combination of the following:

  • Insurance firms.
  • Car dealerships.
  • Car auctions.
  • Rental agencies.
  • Service and repair establishments.
  • Provincial inspection stations.
  • Police departments and law enforcement organizations (for theft or accidents).

By obtaining such extensive information, CARFAX maintains that its reports are the most accurate in the industry. You can also use their car research portal to check reviews and news regarding any available car.

What Does a CARFAX Report Tell You?

CarFax 1 Owner ReportCARFAX reports are essential for ensuring a smooth, used car buying experience. You shouldn’t depend on any dealership that can’t or won’t show you a report for any of their vehicles. The following is displayed in a CARFAX report:

  • The vehicle’s accident history, if applicable.
  • Any history of non-accidental damaging events, such as flooding or fire.
  • Other insurance claim events.
  • Where the car was registered and inspected.
  • When maintenance was scheduled.
  • An estimation of the odometer reading.
  • The total number of prior owners.
  • The dates and locations of the vehicle’s previous sales.
  • Information regarding liens and a lien release, if relevant.

The CARFAX report also shows the history of a car’s title, including if it’s a salvage vehicle and where the car was previously titled. One or more of these factors may significantly influence your purchase selection. Remember that some auto dealers may not be fully knowledgeable about a potential deal-breaking issue for one of their vehicles. Fortunately, CARFAX reports leave no room for doubt.

What Are the Benefits of CARFAX Reports?

It’s always advisable to check CARFAX to confirm a car’s value and that it’s a low-risk purchase. Some people may want to give away cars with a bad history, avoiding the time-consuming process of finding a buyer and mentioning the vehicle’s troubling history. The report offers an important, objective view of the car in cases like these.

In addition, many dealers have a specific inventory of vehicles with only one previous owner on the CARFAX report. This helps ensure that the vehicle isn’t too worn or used. You can view our inventory of one-owner used cars at any time, browse the types that interest you, and review their reports in more detail.

Another significant benefit is knowing whether a vehicle has ever been stolen. A car that was previously stolen and recovered can be as off-putting as a car that was in an accident. It’s helpful to know if a car was ever stolen since some private sellers may not be aware of this fact.

What to Do After Checking a CARFAX Report

After reading a CARFAX report, you may have some questions about the vehicle. For instance, maybe one accident isn’t a big deal as long as you know its story. You can learn additional details about the car by speaking with the private seller or dealership offering it.

To ensure that the vehicle is still in good shape, you can also take it for a test drive and a third-party inspection by a technician. It shouldn’t be an issue for a dealer or private seller to permit an unbiased vehicle assessment. After this and an intensive inspection confirming the quality inside and out, you can decide if it’s the right car for you. If it is, you can discuss the financing and other finalizing details.

CARFAX can continue to be helpful after your car hunt is over. Consider creating a free CARFAX Car Care account. This account offers a variety of benefits, including alerts for recalls and personalized prompts for when your car needs a service.

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Nobody wants to pay too much for their next car or ends up stuck with a lemon. Regardless of the kind of vehicle you’re after, a thorough CARFAX report increases your trust and sense of transparency. Our CARFAX history reports are useful when shopping for a used car.

At Meadowland of Carmel, our pre-owned vehicles are of the highest caliber and include CARFAX reports. For your next Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler, and more, contact us online or give our sales department a call at 845-630-0843.

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