Dodge Charger Interior Accessories You Must Try

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The Dodge Charger is a large sedan with plenty of power. If you opt for the supercharged V-8 engine, you’ll almost feel like you’re on the racetrack.

This car has a lot to offer, including a spacious cabin. If you’re thinking about how to customize your cabin to give it a unique twist, we’ve got some ideas for you. Our team at Meadowland of Carmel has put together some of the most popular interior accessories for your 2022 Dodge Charger.

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Before we get down to how you can outfit your vehicle, it’s worth looking at the Charger‘s interior. This two-row sedan provides ample room up front and in the rear for adult passengers, including plenty of room for three people to fit on the second-row bench.

The trunk measures approximately 16 cubic feet, enough for several suitcases or plenty of shopping bags.

You should also keep the Charger’s trim lineup, which includes some unique interior styling elements. While the base setup sticks to cloth upholstery, you can upgrade to leather with an optional package. The range-topping SRT trim aims to offer all the creature comforts you could imagine.

Floor Mats and Carpets

Adding floor mats to your Charger’s front and rear rows can be a great way to make a design statement or keep your vehicle clean. If your primary concern is practicality, you may want to purchase all-weather mats. This beneficial accessory can soak up any dirt or debris you or your passengers bring into your Charger.

However, floor mats don’t have to be practical. You can opt for a classy sheepskin design or another material that maximizes comfort. There’s nothing like relaxing with your feet on a cushioned floor as the revs of the Charger’s engine shift your sedan to top speed.

Trunk Tray

To get the most out of the space in your trunk, a trunk tray can be helpful. These trays are easy to lift in or out of the trunk. They make it a lot easier to load or unload items and save you the trouble of stretching deep into the trunk to retrieve something.

Trays are available in different styles. You can buy large trays with one main compartment or more complex storage devices that include drawers and shelves to help you keep small items safe.

Steering Wheels

Why stick with a standard steering wheel when there are so many options to give your driving experience a unique feel? You can find everything from leather-wrapped steering wheels to flat-bottomed and tilted wheels. A heated steering wheel may be what you’re looking for for the ultimate in luxurious driving.

The choice is similarly broad for shift nobs. You can purchase nobs with wooden or leather finishing and elaborate designs inspired by your favorite sport or hobby.


The seats in the base Charger have cloth upholstery, but you can accessorize them as you move up through the trims. For example, you can get memory settings for the driver’s seat, heated front seats, premium cloth upholstery, and leather. When you reach the range-topping SRT trims, you can add on the heated rear and ventilated front seats.

You can also accessorize your seats with a wide selection of seat coverings. These typically fall into two categories: protective coverings to keep your upholstery safe and stylish coverings to make your vehicle stand out. The first type of seat covering may be handy if you have kids and need to clean up often. The second type allows you complete freedom to determine how your seats look with animal skin coverings, suede accents, and much more.

You can also purchase different types of seats to meet your needs. For example, how about a sports seat for extra support when you hit the accelerator or reclining seats for the rear row?


Adding sunshades to the rear row is a good option if you have small children who need to rest or want to give your Charger a more relaxed feel. Shades are available in a range of styles and materials. The Charger also features an optional sunroof, so you may want to buy a sunshade.

Storage and Cup Holders

The Dodge’s generously proportioned cabin means you don’t have to rely on the trunk to store things. If you want an easily accessible place to keep small items like phones, keys, and wallets, you may want to consider buying an organizer. Organizers can fit under the dash or in the central console and are designed to separate your belongings into small compartments so they’re easier to find. If you’re always struggling to keep your car tidy, an organizer could be just what you need.

Another important item you need to keep somewhere in your car is your coffee cup or water bottle. You can install cup holders to do this job. Some of the Charger’s optional packages even get you access to upholders with lights for an extra cool touch.


The ambient interior lighting offered as an optional add-on throughout the trim lineup is an accessory to give your Charger’s cabin a more upscale feel. You can also get an auto-dimming rearview mirror. To be even more creative, purchase floor lighting or lights for your dash.

Customize Your Dodge Charger at Meadowland of Carmel

Now that you have a better idea of the various accessories, we hope you’re ready to start customizing your Charger’s interior. You can check out our accessories in stock at our parts department or place an order for what you’d like via our online order form.

If you still have questions about accessories, including how to install them properly, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our auto experts here at Meadowland of Carmel are standing by to help you create the perfect cabin for your Dodge Charger sedan.

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