Why did fuzzy dice become popular in cars?

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Some car owners like to customize their vehicles by adding decorations to them. Drivers have achieved this through bumper and window stickers, car decals, or rearview mirror decorations. One of the most popular mirror decorations back in the day was fuzzy dice. Most drivers had a pair of fuzzy dice in their vehicles because they were trendy at the time and wanted to personalize their ride. Let’s take a look at the origin of fuzzy dice and what made them so popular.

The Origin of Fuzzy Dice

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Most people aren’t aware of the origin of fuzzy dice or how the trend started. Sometimes it seems fuzzy dice just popped up in cars back in the day and suddenly became a trend. However, there are some theories about the origin of these popular rearview mirror decorations. One of the most common of these theories dates back to World War II.

Pilots during the war would put lucky trinkets in their aircraft to keep them safe. While these items varied, pilots often used gambling pieces, such as chips and dice, because they were tokens of good luck. The idea was that if these gaming pieces could help you win some money, they might protect you as well. Following World War II, using dice as a decoration continued as a tradition. Eventually, people started hanging fuzzy dice on their rearview mirrors as it was a sign of luck. Many people started doing this trend, which is when fuzzy dice became extremely popular.

When Were Fuzzy Dice Most Popular?

Although carrying dice in your car started right after World War II, the height of this trend was from the 1950s through the 1980s. Drivers saw fuzzy dice as good luck tokens, but they also became a way to decorate cars. Fuzzy dice came in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Whether you wanted to look cool, cute, or stylish, you could find some fuzzy dice to match your style. It was fashionable to place the pair of fuzzy dice around the rearview mirror.

After living through a war, young folks wanted the freedom to be themselves, which they could do by customizing their rides. Fuzzy dice allowed these people to practice individualism. Most people had a pair of fuzzy dice hanging in their rearview mirrors. Some drivers used fuzzy dice to signal that they were skilled drivers who drove in races. Whether you used fuzzy dice to deck out your drive, to fit in with the crowd, or show off your driving skills, these decorations were all the rage.

Are Fuzzy Dice Still Popular Today?

Whether fuzzy dice are still popular today is up to debate. The fuzzy dice trend started to fizzle out in the 1990s. People began viewing fuzzy dice as cheesy instead of cool, which led to their decline in popularity. From the ’90s and on, many people wouldn’t consider fuzzy dice popular. However, there are some fuzzy dice lovers who still use these decorations despite them being widely viewed as uncool.

On the other hand, some trends have a way of coming back in style. In the 21st century, there are few people who use fuzzy dice as decorations. Some stragglers remain, but most people opt for more modern decorations. That said, as the younger generations rediscover trends of the past, you may see fuzzy dice reappear in cars. Keep an eye out, they may come back in style some day.

Unique Items Drivers Like To Hang From Rearview Mirrors

Whether or not you think fuzzy dice are cool, there are many other unique items that you can hang from your rearview mirror. Some drivers think fuzzy dice are distracting or that they reduce visibility while driving, so it’s understandable why you’d want to find some other options. You may prefer to hang items from the rearview mirror, but you could also opt to put some decor on your dashboard. Nowadays, there are many ways you can personalize the look of your ride.

If you’re interested in putting something around your rearview mirror, then it’s important to find an item that’s able to hang. For example, you could hang a meaningful necklace or locket around your mirror. Another option is to attach a picture of a loved one on a chain and put it in your car. People who’ve graduated high school or college often hang their graduation or honors tassels around their rearview mirrors. Here are some other things you might like to hang in your vehicle:

  • Lanyards.
  • Air fresheners.
  • Beads.
  • Mirror charms.
  • Ornaments.
  • Bandanas.
  • Headphones.

Dangers of Hanging Items From Rearview Mirrors

While many people love hanging different kinds of decorations from their rearview mirrors, it can pose some dangers. Namely, they can block some of your view while driving. Typically, it’s not safe to drive with something like fuzzy dice obstructing your view. At the very least, mirror decorations can be road hazards, but in the worst scenario, they could cause accidents.

Some states have made it illegal to hang fuzzy dice and other large items from your rearview mirror. This is simply a safety precaution that could prevent collisions from happening. While the decoration itself isn’t illegal, it’s the obstructed view that’s discouraged. If you want to hang dice or other items in your car, check your state’s laws to see whether it’s allowed.

In New York, there’s an obstructed view law that states drivers can’t operate cars with obstructed views. Therefore, it may be illegal to hang objects, such as fuzzy dice, on your rearview mirror in the state of New York.

Fuzzy dice were some of the most popular car decorations that almost everyone had. Although they’re less common now, they may come back as a retro trend. Whether you’re using fuzzy dice for a token of good luck or you’re decorating your car, it’s easy to see the appeal of these fun, yet cheesy, car decorations. If you’d like to purchase cool and functional accessories for your car, please contact us at Meadowland of Carmel.

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